ANZCO Mismatch on 482 and 186

Hi everyone,

I currently have a 482 visa under the anzco code ICT Business Analyst, almost 2 years now. My company has agreed to sponsor me for 186 direct entry stream and I need to have a skills assessment for it.

Problem is, my roles and responsibilities as well as past experiences are more closely related to analyst programmer.

Can I get assessed for analyst programmer sa ACS? I’m worried that if I do so and then lodge the 186, will thr CO find this as red flag?

Or should I just attempt skills assessment for BA instead? If I do so, ACS might give me a negative feedback.

My background for better context:

BS ComSci grad from Section 1 School
3 years experience as Software Engineer (PHP)
3 years experience as Salesforce Support Developer offshore
Almost 2 years experience as Salesforce Support Developer onshore

Tbh, I really have no idea as to why I was initially tagged as Business Analyst when my company applied for my 482. My CV and answers to the visa form states that I focus mainly on dev work. I’m a dev with a lot of client interactions coz I work as a developer for BAU team and our roles are a bit all-around (end-to-end from requirements to deployment for enhancements)

Any advice?