Anzsco 261313 Software Engineer vs Anzsco 133211 Engineering Manager

Hey My 1st question on the forum. This is the only forum i have joined just because of Anil.
Somehow, I can meet 80 points without state sponsorship for following codes.

  1. Software Engineer 261313 and
  2. Engineering Manager 133211
    Which code has better chances of invite for 189 and which code has better chances of state invite for 190 ?
    Do I stand a realistic chance after a wait of lets say 1 year ?
    Which code will you suggest me to apply for ?
    Thanks alot

Have you got positive assessment for each code separately?

When have you filed your EOI?

Dear Anil
No i haven’t applied yet, that’s why seeking advise from a guy like you . Which skill assessment shall I apply for ?
I am very hopeful to get positive assessment for both codes with 8 years work experience.
Ill get on 80 points but according to your recent posts they wont be enough.

So id like to get state sponsorship as well. Which code has a better chance for that?

And which code has more no of vacancies.
Thanks a lot

Furthermore, can I get assessment for both codes, 261313 from ACS and 133211 from EA and file 2 seperate EOIs.

The first step is to get positive assessment and then we can guide.

80 points are not enough at this time based on current trends.

Ok Anil Ill follow your advise .
Shall i file for skill assessment as software engineer 261313 with ACS or engineering Manager 133211 with EA ?
Kindly advise so that I can proceed further .

I cannot choose the job code for you. You have to decide what roles and responsibilities you have performed in your job.

Choose a job code that you think has better chance of getting positive assessment.

@Anil.Gupta I strongly feel i can get a positive assessment with work experience of over 8 years (after deducting 2 years by ACS) in both codes. So you take the shot bro
Software Engineer or Engineering Manager ?
Waiting …

Sorry, i do not suggest anything blindly.

You should use your best judgement.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I know now it is a wait game for receiving EOIs and I am following different portals to keep track of the latest invites.
My points are as follows:
EOI date : 1st December 2019
189 - 90 points
190 for Victoria - 95 points
I have created separate EOI for NSW recently. However, I highly doubt they will invite me as I am in Victoria.
Not too sure, how the process works for Victoria though.
My only concern is my TR will expire in December 2020. I am really worried if i should ask my employer for sponsorship.
Please advise if possible.

Kind Regards!

Hi @charismaticV

You should get invite pretty soon with 90 points.