Application Saying Missing Required Evidence


After filling out the 189 application and attaching all required documents, we are getting a popup saying “Not all required evidence has been provided. Explain why evidence cannot be provided”. It doesn’t point to any specific fields or files that are missing. For my 2 year old, the section that has not been filled are “evidence of skills assessment” and “Form 1229”. Upon reading the description of 1229, it seems that it is a non accompanying parent or guardian consenting to the child traveling to Australia (which is not our case as both parents will be accompanying the child). I read your page regarding instructions to submit 189 visa application and submitted all documents except form 1229. We are confused as to what might be missing. We have uploaded my son’s birth certificate and US passport. Any help will be much appreciated.

Also found this person saying they tried the next day, and the error went away:

Really confused.

I suggest to log out and log in again and the error should go away…it is normal. Many people face it.

Tried that multiple times from different computers, still have the issue. Will try again tomorrow. Sigh.


If I still have the error tomorrow, do you see an issue with providing a reason in the popup saying something like “all document attached” and submitting the application?


If the error has not gone away even after log-out, then I suspect that you have not uploaded a mandatory document.

Check once again and if you think you have uploaded all, then you can submit it with a valid reason that system is giving ‘false’ alert.