Applied H4 EAD and waiting for SSN - eligible for Stimulus check?

Hi Anil, thank you for all the info you are sharing in the group. I married in 2018 March but I did not file my taxes as married jointly but filed single for 2018. Filed taxes as married jointly for 2019 by applying ITIN in Feb 2020 and yet to get the ITIN number and also returns also yet to be credited into my account. Once We get the ITIN, I have a plan to apply for 2018 tax amendments for my spouse. I have applied h4 ead for my spouse in Feb and waiting for that. Can you please let me know am I eligible to get stimulus check in this scenario?

Bottom line is filed tax returns in 2018 as single and filed jointly in 2019 and waiting for the ITIN. I have also applied H4 EAD for my spouse 2 months ago and waiting for that also.

Am I eligible for this stimulus check or not?


I don’t think that you will be eligible for stimulus check as you have ITIN.

You won’t get SSN for spouse until the H4 EAD is approved anyway.

Right now my spouse doesn’t have ITIN and it will take 1 more month to get it. Though we have filed 2019 tax returns as married jointly we are waiting for the ITIN and returns are yet to get credited. Let me know one thing since I have filed 2018 as single and waiting for the ITIN and tax returns for 2019, Are there any chances that I am eligible for stimulus check …


As per the bill, IRS will first check 2019 returns and if not available, will use the 2018 returns.