Applied H4EAD while H4 is pending and H4 got approved one week after

I have applied H4EAD while H4 is pending, but H4 got approved one week after I have applied for H4EAD.
So my question, do we have to face the RFE situation for H4EAD as the H4 approval happened after the EAD is applied?


Based on the H4 receipt you submitted with the EAD application, the adjudicating officer will be able to see the H4 approval in the system. Chances of RFE are less.

Thanks for the response!
I see that approval time for H4EAD at most of the centers are 10months to 12months. Is that still the case now-a-days also? At Vermont?

Hard to say, sorry but I dont have a good answer.

can you share the timeline for H4 and H4 EAD approval ?