Apply for I-140 Petition while on F1 CPT


Recently my PERM has been certified and my attorneys are willing to move forward with I-140 petition (EB-2 Indian). I am currently on F1-CPT (day 1) with expired Visa stamp but valid I-20 and SEVIS status. I work full time for one of the top 10 tech companies in the world.

Considering my scenario, is it advisable to proceed with this application now ? Will there be any future implications during my H1-B/L1-B approval, stamping and port of entry ?

Also, I was reading this in parallel - Trump Merit Based Green Card Plan (Making PD date Current?) - USA

Even if there is very slight chance of this happening (say 1% odds), will I be eligible to move further with I-485 application since I am still on F-1 visa with approved I-140? In this case this happens and I am eligible to proceed further, can I file I-140 with premium processing right now !?

Thank you,

You should be able to file i1485 if your PD date gets current.