Apply for new B2 Visa while in USA

Dear Sir,
My mother travelled to United States on 29 Sep 2019 with B2 visa.
Due to the ongoing pandemic she was unable to travel back after her 6 months of stay and we have applied extension of stay with the USCIS and are awaiting results.
Her B2 visa expires on 3rd Nov 2020. Since she is 65 years old and falls under high risk category we are wondering if she can apply for another fresh B2 visa with the USCIS while in the USA and continue her stay here until the pandemic gets over.
Can you please guide on this.

She has to apply B2 extension of stay using form i539.

Visas are not issued while you are inside US. You can only request an extension of stay.

Thanks Anil for your response.
I already applied for 6 months extension and awaiting for results, Can I still apply for another 6 months extension, even if I dont get on update on my previous extension.

You have no other option but to apply another extension if you want to stay back.