Apply H4 EAD and Go back to India - Can spouse answer RFE?


My husband has an approved I-140 and his employer is planning to apply for extension in March 2020
Currently I am in India (Working) and I am planing to take leave and travel to USA to apply for my H4 EAD
I can get a leave of 3 months at the max
So my question is what will be better option out of below two

  1. Wait for my husband’s H1 extension (premium) to go through and then go for H4 Stamping in India , travel to USA and apply H4EAD as a stand alone application

  2. Travel to USA in March and apply h1+h4+h4ead in premium

Which will get faster results (higher chance of getting approved in 3 months).
Even if not considering 3 months time, which will be faster and better comparatively?
Or is there any other options other than these two ?
In both case if i haven’t receive the approvals in 3 months I will be travelling back .
In that case, if any RFE /NOID comes, can my husband answer them on my behalf

Sorry for lot of questions, but I have been in US without job for 2 years and it was hard to get back into work after that much career gap.
So I don’t want to resign my current Job until I get my EAD and that’s why asking lot of questions to explore my options

Thanks in Advance

Option 1 is better.

H4 EAD approvals are taking anywhere between 3-6 months at this time.

I have given risks of travel out of US while H4 EAD is pending here.

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