Apply H4 EAD when spouse's H1B has been extended but my H4 is pending

Hi Team,

My husband’s H1B was extended (I-797A received) recently while my H4 extension is pending (no RFE). I want to file my H4 EAD application now. I want to ensure that my EAD extension does not get linked to my previous H4 which expires in August 2020. I want my EAD to be approved for the period of new H4 (Aug 2020 - Aug 2023).
I have a few questions

  1. I’ll mention the new extended I-797A’s number in H4-EAD’s application (Q29 in I-765 form) to link it with my husband’s extended H1B, but how can I link the H4 EAD app with the pending H4 app as well?
  2. What I-94 number should I write in H4 EAD extension app (Q21 in form I-765) — current I-94 OR leave it blank since H4 extension is pending?


Hi Anil

@anil_am22 I have got my H1b approval and my visa expiry date is Feb2021
I applied H4 extension for my husband through online app, its been 33 days already and there is no biometric information yet, friends who applied via mail got biometric appointment but no one from online submission received yet … Please let me know if you have any idea on the time line for online submitters… Receipt notice starting with MCT*…

  1. My husband has H4 EAD till Feb 2021, since I submitted I539 online, Can i mail I765 extension documents to USCIS without h4 approval and with my h1b approval notice?? Since online submission I have H4 receipt notice , whether this will cause any confusion?? Please let me know if its better to wait for H4 approval before sending I765 docs

Hi Anil.

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I have applied my Change of Status from L1B to H4 on APR 1st 2020 ( My Spouse H1 Approved on March 6th) and my Biometric was Completed Sep27th and after that No Status on my case and my L1B got Expired on Aug 21st from Aug 21st i was in LOB (Not getting any salary and my company said you will join back once your H4 / EAD approved , on Nov 24th I called the USCIS and Requested the Expedite process (only My H4 visa and not included the EAD (Since EAD date already passed and Nov 30th I got the Email from USCIS for Requested Evidence Documents for Expedite process same 1st Dec i submitted the documents and Today 11th Dec i got the email and status changed for Expedite Request Approved - Can you Pls help me to advise after this Approval how long will take for h4 visa Approval and after Visa approved how long will take for EAD approved ,