Apply H4/H4 EAD without primary applicant H1 extension petition

Hi ,
My situation :
Current Status : H1B (i-140 approved)
i94 : 02-Nov-2020.
Location : USA
H1B extension application yet to file .
My spouse:
Current Status : H4,H4EAD
i94 : 02-Nov-2020.
Location : USA
H4,H4 EAD yet ot file.

Can my spouse’s attorney file H4/H4EAD extension based on my current H1B petition(expiring 02-Nov) , receive RFE or NOID ? and then by the time provide the H1B extension receipt number (Assuming by the time RFE is received ,H1b extension has been applied )

the reason I am asking is my current employer is not filing H1B extension until i94 expiry is within one month ,hence my spouse employer’s is not able to submit H4/H4EAD extension.
is there any example where people have been able to get h4/h4ead approvals ?

I don’t think this will work. USCIS will approve the H4 EAD only upto Nov 2020 and that will be wastage of your money.

Husband H1 Visa recently had amendment along extension.Both got approved in March 2020 for 3 years. My H4 extension did not go along with his H1. My H4 will get expire in April 2021. I need to apply H4 and EAD .
My question is when i can apply H4 extension only ?
Please advise.

You can apply H4 extension 180 days before current one’s expiry.

Hello,I have three pending application in USCIS -H4(applied in Aug 2020) ,H4 EAD and AOS(applied in November end under EB3).How these application will be affected if i travel to India for reason to get H4 visa ?

My H4 is expiring on April 20,2021. Can i travel to Mexico/ Canada to get the H4 visa based on H1 extension after April 20?How that works?

Thank you!

You will need to apply AP (i131) again if you travel while its pending.

You should be able to get H4 visa stamp in Mexico/Canada.