Apply PCC at new address in Gujarat after marriage - parental home in Punjab


Me and my partner are going to apply for my partner visa offshore from India to Aus. I need to apply for Indian PCC as a requirement however, my passport address is of Punjab while I will be staying at my partner’s residence which is in Gujarat after marriage.

In this case, is it necessary to reissue new passport with my spouse’s name and address on it ?

Or can I get an Aadhaar card made in Gujarat with the current address showing of my spouse’s address ? As a proof of address to provide for PCC.

As Punjab is a long way for me to travel and get my pcc get done from there.

Really confused.

Thank you!

If you want to apply PCC with new address, passport office will ask for police verification at your address in Gujarat.


Thanks for the quick response!

How long does it take for police verification any idea?

Also does it mean I won’t have to reissue a new passport with my spouse’s name on it? Cos my current passport shows single status and different address I’m not sure if they require new passport for issuing PCC with a new address. I’ve only read some people discussing about it on other forum that’s why I was a little bit concerned.

Thanks again!

New passport is not required.