Applying for H1 while being on H4

I’m already on H4 and have H4 EAD. My employer is going to do H1-b visa. My H4 renewal is going to happen in a few months apart.

Below are my concerns:

  1. Can I apply for h1 and h4 at the same time
    2 . If yes, Can I also apply for H4 EAD along with H4 while my H1 submission is in progress
  2. Since this is my first h1, I need to go for Visa Stamping. In case if there is an issue with the H1 stamping, can I go for H4 stamping (current H4 Visa Stamp is also expired) and return back on renewed H4 Visa

In this pursuit of H1, I don’t want to loose my H4/H4-EAD nor get into a situation with the Visa Stamping.

Please provide your insights.
Thanks in advance.

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You can apply for any number of visa types as you wish.

If you apply them while physically staying in the US, you have to choose the ‘extension/change of status’ or ‘consular processing’ (meaning going out of US).

H4 EAD will only be approved if you are on H4 status. If your status is H1B, both H4 and H4 EAD applications will be denied unless they are for ‘change of status’.

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Thank you Anil for the quick response.
Just another question.

Lets say I have a valid H4 Visa Stamp in my passport and I recently received the new H1 approval I-797 (no Visa stamp on this new H1 yet).
If there is an issue in my H1 visa interview, Can I still travel back to the United States using my H4 visa stamp.

Yes, you can. There can be multiple types of visa in the passport. You can choose which one to use at the time of entry to the US.