Approval of H4 Application(Withdrawn)

My H4 COS was filed on 10 Sep 2021.
I got a new job, that agreed to file my H1B.
Attorney withdrew my H4 on October 15 2021. We have tracking number.
My new employer filed H1B
RFE Received
RFE Cleared after document submitted
H1 Approved on 25th Jan 2022

Suddenly my H4 COS also gets approved. This is clear USCIS error. I am not abler to get hold of USCIS tier 2 officer. They keep telling that we have to wait for 30-60 days.

I am at risk of losing job since my new employer has already waited for long time. This is no mistake of my own. What should i do? The attorney says nothing can be done.

Do you have the approval notice with you? What is the effect COS start date?

What is the start date on the H1B. If it is after the one on the H4 COS then no need to worry as you will be considered in H1B status. Otherwise you are back to H4 status and will need to initiate another COS to get back to H1B or, simply travel outside the US (for e.g. Mexico) and use AVR (if H1B visa is expired) & H1B I-797 to enter back on H1B status.
Discuss the latter option with your lawyer and get their advice.