Are all I-140's being stopped or is it just premium processing

Hi @Anil.Gupta,
Like many I am so confused.
Due to the corona virus, it is just premium processing that has been stopped or all case work to do with my type of visa?
I currently have a perm case submitted and waiting for approval (hoping for any day now as I submitted in Sep 2019)
Can you confirm

  1. That once my perm is approved, that premium processing is no longer an option for me?
  2. Confirm if I will still be able to submit the next steps (I-140 and I-485) and move from my current visa status to an “adjustment of status” phase.

Only premium processing for i140 has been suspended.

Not sure about your source of confusion. I140 application filing is available.

I485 can be filed only if your GC priority date is current. I140 can be filed in regular only until premium is reopened.

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