Are points recalculated after receiving invite and before granting PR?

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

In the above link it was mentioned that it could take 6-8 months after receiving an invite to get the PR. Are the points recalculated again before this final step of granting the PR (after receiving the invite)? For example if I receive the invite on 1-Jan-21 and I accept it, but on 1-Apr-21 I’m turning 40 - will my points reduce if PR processing is done after 1-Apr-21?

Hey there!

Once the applicant receives the invitation either for 189/190, their points are freezed on the date of receiving the invite. Now they have to apply for the visa within 60 days. During lodgement of visa or post lodgement, there wont be any changes in the points. But the applicant has to satisfy the CO regarding the genuineness of the points on which they receive the invitation.

So, if you receive the invite on 1/1/21 and thereafter files for visa (within 60 days), You turning 40 on 1/4/21 will not have any effect on your points as the points are already freezed post invitation. Also, 6-8 months processing time is a very unrealistic thing post covid. If one is offshore, the delays will be much more.

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@negi Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: