Arrest record(ACD) - H1B Visa Stamping

Hii folks, Little guidance needed for my H1b visa stamping.

Unfortunately, In 2015 I was arrested for Fare evasion at NY. All of my charges were dropped after completion of adjourned contemption dismissal(6 months period) and the case was dismissed &expunged. Now I’ve plan to go to India in the month of march. Does this arrest record will cause of getting my H1b visa.
Also, Do I need to submit my court disposition certificate along with dropbox documents??

Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

I think that you should submit the court result and mention about this arrest on DS160 form.

Visa officer should be able to approve the visa keeping in account that you did do what the court ordered.

I think you will get the visa. The only thing that may happen is that they may issue a form 221g to verify your court case claims.

Otherwise, I do not see any issue.