Asylum Seeker to PERM


Need some advise . I am currently an asylum seeker since 2016. I’m still waiting for my interview. However, my employer is filing PERM with DOL and the Attorney advise that we have to do consular proccess.

I can not do consular proccessing in my country because of my fear of going there. The Attorney mentioned that I can do this consular process in a third country if the consulate takes my case.

Have any of you lived an experience like this or know if this is possible. My employer already filed PERM like 1 month ago with DOL.
Please advise.


PERM does not need any consular processing. Are you sure attorney spoke about PERM?

Yes, I was 6 days out of status according to my i94. Due to mistakes on the form i589 by the attorney filing it the USCIS rejected the initial application, 6 days later they accepted the application.

You can visit any US embassy to get consular processing.

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