Attestation of documents in the USA


I am in the USA and have initiated my ACS evaluation. I am facing a problem of getting my salary slips and employment letter certified or attested.

All the notaries that I am talking to are ready to certify my passport and marksheets but no one will certify my work related documents.

Any lead on how to get them certified here in the US?

Find a desi notary and they will do it.

Payslips do not need notary. Work Experience letters need notary.

More information:

Hi Anil,

Iam from south india residing in USA. Iam planning to do ACS skill assessment on my own. Can you please confirm whether i should get me documents notarized from india or USA for ACS skill assessment.

Hi @indumathy_sandraseka

You can get attestation or notary done from anywhere i.e. either India or USA. It is your choice.

Thank you for the reply. However, in the ACS skill assessment document, there is a word stating that documents notarized outside Australia should be notarized from country of origin. Kindly confirm.

Hi @indumathy_sandraseka
I am not aware of such requirement. People have done the notary from USA even though the documents are from India and have successfully got the ACS assessment.

Not sure where have you read this.

Thank you so much anil. I read it from the ACS website, “Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants” document.

Hi Indu , Anil
Yes Anil is absolutely right.
I’ve lived in the US for 15 years but for my ACS application , got all my indian marksheets, birth certificates etc notarized here in the US. Infact I got mine done at a local UPS store.
But you can easily find Desi notaries who’ll do it too

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Thank you so much for the response

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