Attestation of PoA at Indian Consulate in USA Questions & Answers

The NY consulate page says that original passport is not required. Has anyone recently done POA with NY Consulate? Do we need to send copies of all the pages of the passport? Or only the first and last page. Thanks!

Hi @Rakesh_N @Parivesh_Jain , Did you put “I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY…” on your poa or any other documents? I want to have my poa attested. Please reply

Hi Anil, right now the SF consulate says:
Power of Attorney needs to be signed and witnessed by two individuals (with their names and addresses clearly mentioned), then Apostilled by the Secretary of State where the applicant (holding foreign nationality) is resident. For residents of California, check the link Business Programs :: California Secretary of State - [There is no need for the POA to be apostilled for Indian Passport holders and OCI/PIO card holders. However, the POA documents must be duly notarized]

I am still unclear, being an Indian passport holder with green card, do I or do I not need to apostile the POA? I live in CA.

@shankyxyz were you able to get any update regarding the apostile process for SFO consulate. I am in a same position as you and confused.
Please help.


I have below questions regarding Power of Attorney document,

(1) Do I need to affix photos of Witnesses also ?
(2) How many photos needs to affix for Applicant (EXECUTANTS) ?


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  1. Photos of witnesses are not required.
  2. One photo each for executants or POA giver.

Hi Anil, does am22tech offers PoA services to NRIs?

You can use this app to create the POA.

Is there an issue with the POA tool? I entered all the information. On date/generate page, it shows Bank name is required error. From menu icon, I see N/A Bank details. Can’t go to bank page. Please advise.

Can you try and refresh the browser window?

If it still doesn’t work, just select the next step from the menu (click throws button on the top right). The system will let you move ahead.

Its not working. PFA the screenshot. I tried in Safari & Chrome as well.

I entered place and removed after screenshot taken.

Hi @Tpk13

We are checking and will get back to you.

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