Australia - chance of invitation 261312 with partner points, age 40


I am having 16+ years of IT experience. My husband is also having the same number of years of experience. We are thinking of applying 189 with 70 points in Sep’19 under ANZSCO Code 261312 (Developer Programmer). What are the chances of getting 189? Should we go with 190 for which we have 75 points? In November’19, we will be getting 10 extra points(spouse having the same code ‘ANZSCO Code 261312 (Developer Programmer)’ and ACS and PTE clear).
So, what are the chances to get invitation after November, the irony is that we will be 40 years in January first week.
Please suggest.


There is no harm in trying 190 (whichever gets you there first)

Your plan to apply for 189 in Sep’19 with 70 points - does that include partner skill points ?

If this is true, then you would get an additional 5 points (Competent English) post November rules ?

In my opinion 85 points seem to be the new standard once November rules come in to effect.

Lets stay positive :+1:


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Thanks for your response Vivek.yes,70 points include husband’s skill points as well. My husband’s ACS is done with same code and mine and he has cleared pte with 65,i guess we will get 10 extra points in November,5 points for ACS with same job code and 5 points for competent PTE.
Correct me if I am wrong here in understanding the points for November.


You are currently at 70 points (with spouse skill points)

November new rules for spouse: 5 points for skills + 5 points for competent English

Your current score already consists of skill points, which means you can only claim 5 points in November.

This will take your total points in November to 75 (for 189).

Hope, this clarifies.

Hi @Sucheta

I agree with @v.chow analysis.

But, the chances will be low with 75 points. Try other ways like NAATI certification to get another 5 points.

The points requirement is high this year.

Yes, I got it now. Thanks for explaining in detail.

Thanks Anil. Will surely try some ways to increase number of points.