Australia electrical and telecom engineer subclass 189

Hello @negi
Please refer my credentials:

Age: 33 years
Degree : BE in elec and telecom from Mumbai university
Work experience : 3 years as software engineer in Accenture. (2010-2013)
Later joined family business. (2014 onwards as admin/ HR)

Husband: 32 years
Degree: BE in electronics engineering from Mumbai university
Work experience :has worked in family business since 2010. Currently director in family business of manufacturing plastic products in Mumbai.

Please give us idea about subclass 189 skilled migration for Australia. We can try to get full 20 points for language in ielts.

Also will I be able to get 10 points for spouse if we are both engineers. I am elec and telecom engineer . Husband is electronic engineer .

Getting 20 points from language is not the only thing.Calculate your overall points for 189/190. As you are offshore, the chances are slim to none if you have less than 90 points. Instead of spending money and time on IELTS/PTE or skill assessment, it would be a good option to look for plan B. There are many offshore candidates waiting in the queue for more than 12 months with no invitation. This all might sound harsh but it is the reality. Things have not been in favor of offshore candidates since Covid arrived.

Thank you @negi

Age - 25
Education - 15
Language- 20
Work ex - 0
Spouse - 10/5?

Points are coming to 65/70 depending on whether I can claim 5 or 10 points for spouse.

65 is the min eligibility criteria to submit an EOI. Having 65/70 points as an offshore (in a non critical occupation) will not take you anywhere. Your EOI will expire (in 2 years) with no invitation at these points . I would suggest to look for other countries or consult a good MARA Agent for Plan B.

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Thank you so much for honest opinion.

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