Australia PR - Chance of Invite - Analyst Programmer - 80 points

You can expect an invite by July 2019 for Analyst Programmer (261311) with 80 points.

I also suggest to select at-least NSW state as more IT jobs are available in Sydney than others. You have very good chance of early invite from NSW before July 2019.

Thank you so much for the details

Hi Anil,

My husband has stayed in multiple states in US in last 5 years and I am the primary applicant:

Boston: 12 months (on rent at 2 different places)
Philadelphia: 28 days (stayed in hotel)
Chicago: 2 trips of 28 days each (once stayed in hotel and second time with one of his colleague)

While staying in Boston, as he was on H1 he had to open his bank account and hence for W2 form and bank account, he gave address of New York where his real brother stays.


  1. Does he need separate PCC for all three states where he stayed?
  2. Does he need it for New York as well as he shared that address for his Boston stay?
  3. What all documents will he be needing to get the clearance?
  4. Generally how much time will this process take?
  5. We have got our EOI logged but are waiting for the invite. Should we apply for US and India PCC once we get the invite. Will we get sufficient time to get it as I believe we only get 60 days to pay Visa fee and provide all documents?
  6. Any idea, when will June invitations be decided. As per the trend for last few months, it is 11 of every month.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Anil,

Can you please provide an update on the query posted above?


Hi @Shruti_Sharma

Not sure how this question did not show in my list earlier. If it dis, i would have replied earlier.
Anyways, you have thrown too many questions at once :slight_smile:

Go through this article to know whether US state PCC is required for your case or not.

There are further links given in same article for FBi and some state PCC’s if you indeed are required to get it.

I suggest to apply for PCC now if you are expecting an invite in next 12 months.

Hi Anil,

Hope you are doing well.

I was hoping if you could assist me with the current PR situation?

A brief about me: I have completed my Masters in IT, completed Professional year, got my skill assessment under ANZSCO Code 261311 (Analyst Programmer). I can’t take NAATI exam as I don’t know any language there. So, everything put together I will be having 75 points.

However, I still need to apply for my EOI. As soon as I came across your blog, I thought I would ask for your advice.

Could you please guide me through this?

I hope to hear from you soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Nikhita

You have good chance of invite with 75 points for 261311. You should create EOI to get yourself in the queue as early as possible.

Thank you so much for your reply, Anil. :slight_smile: I will apply EOI end of July. How long is the wait for invite? As I have only 10 months of my Temporary Graduate Visa left.

Also, one last question. I got my skill assessed as Analyst Programmer 261311. However, I am currently working as a Business Analyst. Will I be able to get any points for my work experience? OR Should I get my assessed changed to ICT Business Analyst.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.

Hi @Nikhita

You can get points if your ANZSCO code matches with your current job.

If you want to claim points for Business analyst position, then you would need a new assessment.

If you think your total work experience will match the business analyst position, then you can go for new assessment. If not, you will waste your money.

I will be able to estimate your invitation chances better once you have filed your EOI.

Hi Anil,

Good morning. :slight_smile: Thanks for your responses.

Yes, what you said makes sense. But the only problem here is I will be able to claim one year of work experience only by Feb 2020 and my visa will expire in April 2020. Is it worth waiting for that long and taking the risk or should I just go with Analyst Programmer with 75 points?

I apologise for many question here. I am really confused with this process.

Seeking your guidance is really helpful at the moment.

Hoping to hear from you soon.


Hi @Nikhita

I suggest to file EOI as early as possible with whatever points you have.

Great. I shall work towards it and apply my EOI as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your time and advise. :slight_smile: It was really helpful.

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Did you got an invite from NSW?

I didnt apply for state nomination yet. Trying for 189 only for now

Hi Anil

  1. I have submitted my EOI for Analyst Programmer with 75 points for 189 class and 80 for 190 class on 17th Jul 2019. What are my chances of getting the invitation and by when?

  2. I have submitted multiple EOI’s one for independent, and one each for NSW, Victoria and Queensland. Is there any benefit of checking multiple visa (both 189 and 190) in single EOI or I should keep it separate?

  3. Also my spouse have completed his PTE with Competent score (above 50 in all modules) and we have also submitted for his ACS skill assessment last month on 26th Jun. When can I expect his ACS results so that I can update that 5 points in my existing EOI? Or will you suggest me to update now so that I can claim 80 points for 189 class and 85 for 190 class ? If chances of getting ACS letter before the invitation is more then I won’t be loosing these days as other wise the updated date would again change.

  4. Is there any steps which I can do now such as Police Clearance or Medical so that I can save the time after the invitation is received?.

  5. After Nov 2019, policy change will I be able to claim extra 10 points for spouse co-applicant? Apart from the 5 points I would be claiming after his ACS is done now.

Sorry for multiple queries in a single draft as I wanted to be clear with all aspects overlapping each other.

Awaiting reply.

Thank you so much !


Hi @Neha_Nidheesh

With 75 points, my estimate is that you may get invite in Oct 2019 draw.

If you have created multiple EOIs, then it is better that you keep single selection in each EOI.

You need spouse ACS result before you can update it in EOI.

PCC can be applied now. I suggest to wait for medical till you get invite.

You should be able to claim 10 points for spouse in November.

Hi Anil,

What is spouse Co-applicant? Wondering if that applies to my case as well or not as I have also applied as the main applicant along with my family. I am also availing 5 points due to Spouse PTE and ACS.

I raised EOI on 26th May with 80 points. So when can I expect an invite?



Hi @Shruti_Sharma

Spouse co-applicant is same as spouse points as per my information.

Your 80 points are for 189 or 190?

Hi Anil,

80 points are for 189 (incuding 5 points from spouse’s PTE and ACS).

For spouse points, we only get 5 points so how spouse co-applicant has 10 points?