Australia PR - Lecturer in a polytechnic college

hi there,
i am working as a lecturer in a polytechnic college for past 10 years. i want to apply for australia PR. please suggest me the my anzsco code. i am bit confused with university lecturer and tutor and vocational education teacher.

You have to choose your ANZSCO code based on your day to day job activities.

thanks for the reply. according to my job duties, vocational education teacher 242211 code is most appropriate. but is my occupation is being invited to apply by the australia govt? as i had not seen it in the list of invitation rounds of this and previous 2-4 months

If your occupation is on the Australia PR skills list, you can expect an invite.

hi Anil… yes my occupation is in Regional occupation list. as you seems to be familiar with the PR process. please suggest me that is any success in this occupation code? as this process is very costly.

People do get invite if their occupation code is on the list and they have the required points.

Now, it is up to you to try or not. You only pay Australia Immigration fees once you have got the invite.

Before an invite, you only pay for English language test and education assessment.

hi anil as u must be familiar with june invitation round. i want to question that is these points are separate for onshore and offshore applicant specially in case of 489?

Points are same for both.

hi anil… i have one query. while calculating points for Australia PR category 489, should i consider 10 points for state nomination or it is considered after applying EOI when nomination is granted?

Hi @aj1199

Do not count the 10 points as they are only added if the state sends nomination.

Hi @Anil.Gupta.
i am having 70 points. Can i get any state nomination for 491 category? My occupation code is 242211.
2). What was the latest score at which this code got invitation?

Hi @aj1199

Do not post same thing at multiple places. It is counted as spam.

Chances of invitation with 70 points are low.