Australia PR Points Calculator (with 189, 190 Chance of Invite)

Did you try this app for chance of invite for Australia?

It’s calculated points correctly; but mentioned the result as

" Not enough data

Chance of 189

We do not have sufficient data to predict an invite at this time. Please try again later."

Not even a MARA agent will be able to give you an estimated time frame in which you will receive an invite. Just submit an EOI and wait. Wish you luck!

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That’s because no invites are being sent at this time by Australia immigration.

Chances are very low at this time until COVID lockdowns are in place.

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Hello Anil and team. Good day!!

I have few queries re Australia PR.

I had applied for Aus PR and submitted an EOI in Dec, 2019 for 262113 - System Admin occupation - 190Visa nomination. (My ACS will be valid till Nov, 2021).

1.While my PR process is on, can I simultaneously apply for Masters for Australia to regional areas?

2.Or am I not eligible to apply for masters?
Do I have to withdraw my PR application in order to go for Masters?

3.Also, I was told by one of the agents that there should be a gap of minimum 6months from the day of withdrawal of PR application to the application of Student Visa.

Is that right??

While another reputed consultancy says it is not right and we can apply for Masters simultaneously while PR is in pool. I am confused with all of this.

Can u pls clarify my above 3 queries?

Thanks for ur help in advance.

You can apply both at same time. EOI is just an expression of interest and it means nothing until you get an invite.

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Thank you for the reply.
And how about the gap in education? I mean I finished my btech in 2012 and since then I have been working in a relative field only. Does 8+ yrs of gap in studies make my chances of getting a student visa less?

I don’t think the gap would make difference. You can study any time that you want.

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Hi Anil,
Thanks for the article. Recently, many nurses are getting invited at 65 points for Visa 189.
We are yet to researching to start EOI. We were wondering if we don’t get 189, we could look for 190 Visa. We are at 70 points at present. But when I checked respective govt websites, Perth eligibility asks for Employment Contract. And for Queensland, they ask for 80 points for Visa 190. Is this correct?

Each state sets its own criteria for 190 sponsorship. So, I would say that if its mentioned on the state’s website, then its correct.