Australia PR spouse points if wife is not relocating with PR

Hello Friends,
I have a basic doubt.
I am married but my wife would not want to relocate with me to Australia. In that case would I be eligible to get any points under the new changes of spouse point system ?

Hi @DeanJones2999

Your spouse has to be part of the PR application to claim points. Once you get PR, she can decide to not come to Australia.

Thanks Anil. So it means that irrespective of whether my wife travels I would need to present my wife’s profile and if it doesn’t meet the criteria specified, it would not get any points.
Is there any option to keep my wife out of the PR application process?

Hi @DeanJones2999

You are trying to claim points for person who is not even part of your PR application. How is that possible?

If that was allowed, don’t you think anyone can claim anybody’s points?

I agree with you there.
But tell me something, for single persons there are 10 points. Now if I keep my wife away from the PR application throughout, can’t it be treated the same?

I am not sure if divorced people are considered single at this time.

If you are married and not separated, then, you cannot claim single points.

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