Australia visa 186

Dear Anil

I have a query regarding Visa 190 and 186( employer visa). I have already lodged my visa application for 190 in December 2019. I am still waiting for my grant. I work for MNC in Uk and I talked to employer and they have a position for me in Australia. I would like to ask you 2 things:

  1. Can they apply for me 186 visa as my 190 visa already lodged.
  2. Will it make it any negative impact on our 190 application.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to hear from you.


They can. But it would be suggested to withdraw the 190 application thereafter. Your company’s Migration agent/Lawyer will be able to guide you with this.

No. But as suggested applicants withdraw their first visa application if a second one is lodged. In case you did not withdraw it and you get your 186 visa granted. Thereafter, if 190 visa also get approved, the first visa will stand cancelled automatically (186 in this case).

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