Automatic Revalidation multiple Entries/exit

Hi Team,
Looking for some information on AVR.

Can we use AVR for multiple Exit/entry into the US?
I have read the blog on AVR but my question is specific to multiple entry into the US.

Ex: Traveling to Mexico for 3wk and return to US. Again, travelling to Mexico for 3wks and return to US.
In this situation, i am not exceeding the 30days during each trip but if i consider two trips, i am exceeding 30days ( 42days total).

Can i travel as many time as i want having each trip less then 30days or its cumulative of days from every trip i take to Mexico?

I really appreciate your help on as i dont find the answer anywhere.


I dont think there is a cap on number of times you can use AVR as long as you dont exceed 30 days per trip.

Thank you for your prompt response. I truly appreciate it
I am looking for a proof that shows there is no cap just to make sure that it will not impact my trip.

If you know any links to the documents/blog, please let me know.

If there is nothing explicitly mentioned on CBP website for the number of times you can use it, I think that should be enough.

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