Automatic Visa ReValidation (AVR - Within 30 days Canada, Mexico)

Hello Krunal @anil_am22 , Thank you for the question and feedback.

@Krunal, I have the same situation as you except my F1 visa expired in June 2021 and I am planning to visit Canada. Have you made your travel plans? did you do any further research if we can use AVR if we dont have any prior H1B stamping done?


Hello Kumar, were you able to book your expedite appointment? I am planning for the same
Can you please share your experience?

Thank you

If my I-94 is valid till End of December 2022(US visa expired), then do you think will there be any issue re-entry into the US via land from the Canadian border with 30 days?
Also, my spouse’s I-94 is expiring before mine, will it help to get new I-94 with my expiration date if we re-enter together?


My Old visa stamp on passport expired in 2019-and this passport expires in Oct 2022.
I got a new I797 in 2021 will. 2024 validity- I used AVR in Oct 2021 for a trip to canada, now this changed my I94 validity to Oct 2022(Old passport expiry).

Now in Feb 2022 I applied and got a new 10 yr valid passport-
Questions: Can I use New Passport and go to Canada and travel back using AVR to extend my I94 to match with my H1b I797 until 2024?

Yes you can use AVR and extend your I-94. Carry the old and new passports along with other H1B and H4 supporting documents.

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Hello am22tech team,
Thanks for detailed article.

I have an expired H1B stamp on my passport from my previous Employer A. I also have H1B extension approval notice from Employer A
My wife has an expired H4 stamp on her passport. My wife also have approved H4 notice based on my H1B approval with employer A

Now I have changed to Employer B. I have approved H1B notice with employer B. So I think I should be able to use AVR to re-enter from my trip to Canada.

But my wife’s H4 application (based on my H1B with Employer B) is not approved yet.
Will she be able to re-enter based on her H4 approval (tied to my H1B with Employer A)?


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Hi @anil_am22,

Thank you for the detailed article. However, I have one question, which probably, you could answer.

I have valid H-1B visa from my previous employer A, and I797A approval from a new employer B, I already started working for the new employer B, but I don’t have a new H-1B stamp yet.

Will AVR work for me in this case as I have an unexpired stamping but a new i94 from the H1 transfer?

Appreciate your quick response. Thank you

Hello AM22Tech Team,

Appreciate your help on variety of topics here.

I have a valid I797 and I94 for H4 status until 2024 and COPR for Canada. Also, I have expired H1B and F1 visa stamps on my old passport.

Now, I need to move to Canada temporarily for work (2-3 months).

Can I travel weekly between USA and Canada to visit my family in USA using AVR multiple times? My visa appointment in US embassy in Canada is scheduled for Oct 4, 2022, but I want to travel back to the US on weekly basis in May, June and July 2022. Also, I understand I can not do any productive work while I am in the US on H4.

Look forward to your response.

You can use AVR as far as you dont stay more than 30 days after entering Canada. However if you have a pending application for visa stamping at the US consulate in Canada, you may not use AVR.
Because you have a visa application pending you may either enter Canada near your visa appointment date and once visa is stamped you can travel to US on weekly basis or if you have to move to Canada now, your family can visit you from US to Canada and use AVR to enter back to US.

I have travelled to canada due to family emergency and I did not know about automatic revalidation.
I tried to book visa slot since I entered us with L2 and converted to h1 and never had stamping. However my appointment shows next year march and I want to travel back usinc Automatic visa revalidation by cancelling appointment which is not useful if I get in 2023. Appreciate your help if you can guide me.

You can cancel your appointment and travel back to the US using AVR however you can only use AVR if you are returning back to the US within 30 days from the date you entered Canada.

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Hi All,
My wife H4, EAD and i-94 expire on 9/1/22. I filed for my H1-B premium processing on today 5/3/22. If we fly to Mexico and travel back will she be eligible for Automatic Revalidation? The visa stamp on her passport is also expiring 9/1/22. From this above article I am seeing ARV is only for folks with expired visa stamp. There is no discussion of case when visa stamp on passport is valid until few more months.

In your case as H4 visa is valid, you wont need AVR.

Go through below links, might help.

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I have valid I797 with attached I94 valid until 12/23 and have to travel Mexico on Company Business trip for 10 days in June’22. I have visa drop box appointment booked long back in India which is in July’22. so, after my return to US, I will visit India for visa stamping in early July.
Meanwhile, Can I use AVR to return US as I am not visiting US consulate for visa interview in Mexico ?

Yes you can however note that if your US visa is already expired, you will need a Mexico tourist card ( FMM) visit our neighbor.

Thank you for the answer. Yes, My US visa was expired and that’s why I want to check if I am eligible for auto re-validation rule when returning to USA from Mexico while having US visa appointment in India later my trip to Mexico.
Can we get FMM along with Mexican visa in Mexican Consulate and what is the purpose of FMM ?

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Hello Raghavendra

Can you update if you were able to cancel your appointment and return using AVR? I am in a similar situation in Mexico City.

I was able to travel back with valid i797 and I 94 copy. U should be able to travel back if u have these along with valid passport and within 30 days

Ok. Great to know you were able to travel back. But did you cancel your appointment? or kept it?