Automatic Visa Revalidation


I am currently on L1 and have an expired visa. If I change the status to H1( first time with no stamping), after the COS approval can I use the AVR to re enter from Canada to US? If yes,
How many times can this be done?

@anil_am22 please advise

So I am allowed to use the AVR? The link didn’t talk about expired L1 visa stamping but entering on H1 approval notice.

@anil_am22 Please advise on the above query

Short answer: Yes

As per CBP:

"If you changed your status to H-1B/H-2B/L/J and want to re-validate with a valid or expired visa of a different classification, you can do so provided you meet the requirements under 8 CFR 214.1 (a)(3)(b) and 22 CFR 41.112(d), you may apply for admission to resume your non-immigrant status. "

Those regulations have long paragraphs and hence, I am not reproducing them here but you can check them for yourself.

If you read the article, you would know it. It has clear answers for everything