AVR query on expired H4 Visa and Valid I94


I read the below post regarding AVR:

Can someone please confirm if it still works with expired H4 Visa stamp and valid H4 I94 with renewed H1B I 797, the reason I ask is after reading a few articles online, it seems that valid H4 Visa Stamp is needed for AVR.

Thanks for the help.

The whole purpose of AVR is to revalidate expired visa and allow entry from the countries that share border with the US plus some adjacent islands ( for F & J).


Hi Kalpesh_Dalwadi ,

Thanks for the prompt response. Just to reconfirm, I will be fine without having a new approved I797 for H4 (I539) and with only below documents:

  • Spouse’s approved H1B I797
  • My unexpired I94


Correct. I would also carry last three pay stubs and employment verification letter for H1B along with your documents including your valid passport with expired visa. If expired visa is in expired passport carry all passports.

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Thank you very much Kalpesh. This has given me some hope.

Can I travel to Mexico / Canada border alone with my spouse’s approved I797 or my spouse also have to accompany me?

H4 can travel alone.

That is your choice. You may surely go alone and I don’t think there will be any issue.