Awaiting for wife's H4 + H4EAD approval, can i change job(H1B transfer)?

I have valid I140(2019) and my current H1B(expires on 1st Aug,2021) I recently got my have the H1B extension approved till 2024.
My wife hasn’t received her H4 + H4 EAD(extension) approval notice yet. USCIS received the application in April’21(Vermont).

This week i got few offers,now my dilemma is:

  1. If I make an H1B transfer to other company do I jeopardize my wife’s (H4+H4EAD) application?
  2. Is there any good resources to expedite her process(explaining the overall process), though she is not eligible for H4EAD extension(c26).

Would appreciate your help @anil_am22

Thank you.

I recommend to file H4 and H4 EAD again with H1B transfer.

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@anil_am22 Thanks for the inputs, really appreciate it.

I still haven’t yet accepted the offer and there is flexibility for me to push my start date till 15th Aug,2021 which realistically gives me 2 more months. I don’t know if at this would help.

But given my lawyers have chosen Vermont which takes around 8-11 months of processing time(hopefully should change, fingers crossed) lets see what happens.