Awaiting PERM - working on TN1 visa. Should I file for Unemployment?

PERM filed in Nov, 2019, and no answer yet. Working as a contractor on TN1.

The employer is asking to apply for unemployment which is being offered to Independent contractors in California.

  1. Will this cause issues filing for an extension on my TN visa next year? I will need an extension.
  2. Are extensions hard to attain?
  3. Will it cause an issue applying for another TN visa?

Hope to hear from you soon.

I do not suggest visa holders to apply for unemployment benefits. It can affect your visa renewal in future.

Thats what I thought. Thanks Anil.

Is it hard to get an extension on my current TN, expiring May 2021?

It depends on what job you have. I can’t really say if its hard or not.

Ops Manager / Business Analyst. Working under Management Consultant TN. Few of my projects have been delayed due to Covid and will definitely require an extension.

Also I am waiting for my PERM which was filed in NOV, 2019. Not sure when my lawyer will file my I-140.

Link you sent to check PERM status is showing me Status as: PENDING and on top EXPECT APPROVAL ON OR BEFORE MAY 18,2020. Is this correct?

Its an expected date based on cases around your case and may be wrong.

Hi Anil,

My PERM was denied based upon a honest mistake and a glitch in a 4 questions form sent a while back. My employer is an employee of the company (incorp) and gets bi-weekly pay but, he selected employer instead of emplyee.

Question is: Is it worth filing a motion of reconsideration? How lengthy is that process and estimated cost attached?
Or is it better to file a new application?


It depends on the confidence level of your employer for the mistake they made.

The reconsideration timings are also given on the perm processing time page.

He is confident and so am I. I work very closely with him when filing this application. We should have had the lawyer in call while filing that form but we didn’t.

Question is:

What is the success rate they will change it? I have youtube this and some are saying it is better to file a fresh app than to send this for reconsideration.

My lawyer is saying it will take a maximum 9 months before they even get back to you.