B2 extension in progress, fingerprinting cancelled due to covid

My MIL’s B2 visitor visa extension application is in progress and her 12 month stay will expire on June 2,2020. Her fingerprinting appointment was scheduled on Mar 20, but was cancelled due to COViD USCIS office closures. Her return trip to India is currently planned for May 23, 2020.

  1. If the USCIS offices do not open before end of May and she cannot provide her fingerprints, her extension application will be denied. Will that cause issues during future travel to USA?

  2. If the COVID situation does not improve before her 12 month stay expires, are there options for her to legally stay on grounds of special circumstances (given she has already applied for extension once)?

Appreciate any input!

You should file another extension before her current stay expiry.

There should be no issue if USCIS keeps the biometric closed. But, we do not know how will USCIS react. There are lot of people in same situation as you.

I will share as soon as something comes up. A lawsuit has been filed today to automatically extend all visa.

Thank you so much! Will I be allowed to file a B2 extension a second time? I thought the maximum allowed stay in B2 visa is 1 year.

Just wanted to confirm if there is an exception due to the current circumstance.

There is no specific exception given by USCIS but if you cannot leave US, you have no other option.

Did you find out anything else on your situation? I am in a similar boat and any info would be super helpful! Thanks!