B2 visa extension & F1 funds from a friend

My friend has a valid I94 till June 18,2020. We are thinking of applying for b2 extension due to the coronavirus situation. Her son is currently studying on F1 visa and may not be able to show adequate funds needed for extension of stay.

Should we show those funds even though we are not directly related to her. She is currently living with us and plans to do until this situation stabilises. Also if the extension gets denied would her current B2 visa become void?

You can file the B2 extension. If denied, it is possible that visa is cancelled too but chances are low of denial due to Coronavirus situation.

You can show proof of funds for F1 if you can fill the official affidavit of support form. You will be legally bound to pay for them then.


Thanks for the reply. Actually I need to show funds only to support my friend. Not her son who is on F1. If I fill the affidavit of support am I legally bound for medical expenses as well? How much funds does one need to show for b2 extension?

Also does it have be the I134. Can it not be a letter stating I am willing to cover living expenses

You need to fill the official form and you will be responsible for all expenses.

You will need to fill it for whosoever person you are ready to sponsor. Simple letter on plain paper has no value.

Thank You. Should we apply now when there is a travel ban in India or should we file 45 days before i94 expiry. i-94 expires on 18 th June. Will the travel ban help for the extension to be approved?

Nobody knows if USCIS will approve applications because of travel ban or not but many people are applying as there is no other way.

You can apply 45 days i94 expiry.