B2 visa extension- Is return ticket mandatory?


My mother came to US on 29th Jan. Her visa is valid till 28th july. Due to coronavirus it is not safe for her to travel even if indian flights resumes by then, as she is 65 years old and also has pre existing conditions of BP, diabetes and heart condition.

I will apply for b2 extension but i dont have any return ticket to show as flight booking has not resumed and we didnt book it earlier when she came thinking we had time. Could you please help me here?

I wanted to know is return ticket mandatory in this case?

Thank you,

Return ticket is not mandatory.

Hi, I just wanna asked if the US custom let your mom entered the US without showing the returning flight tickets? Cause my dad is coming at the end of this month and I already book a round trip ticket for him but I just got a call from the airline saying that his returning ticket has been canceled because there’s still no flight back yet…

As per US Embassy, return ticket is not mandatory. They generally do not ask to show return ticket. They ask how long one intends to stay or how long is the trip for.

To be on safe side, and for your own peace of mind, ask your dad to carry the cancelled ticket (along with confirmation you would have received from airline that they cancelled it) which will prove that his intention is to go back and the reason he doesn’t have ticket is because airlines cancelled it and not you.

You can book return ticket when flights start operating.