B2 visa extension

Hi ,

  1. For B2 visa extension, can i submit just a prospective itinerary which i will buy once extension is approved? I dont wanna buy a refundable or non refundable ticket right now

  2. Do i need to fill form i- 134 for affidavit of support for my mothers B2 visa extension? Or is it not needed? I dont see in anything like that in instructions for form i- 539

  3. What does it mean by ‘was i ever granted duration of status ? D/S ? I am applying for B2 visa extension.

  4. Do i need to mention my old passport or new passport number for travel document number field ?

  5. There is one quetn in form i-539 that how are you supporting yourself if not employed in the US and need evidence of source , amt etc . So should i submit my acc statement as i am taking care of my mother in the US?