B2 Visa for parents-What's consulate expectation when they ask how often your Kids Visit India?


when consular office during B2 Visa interview asks how often does your kids visit India , what do they expect the answer to be?

I do not understand your question.

What is your situation? Who is filing and what visa are kids on?

Please explain the situation clearly to get any useful answer. Just writing one line question assuming that we can guess your situation is not going to help.

I stay in US and when i apply B2 visa for my parents, if consulate officer asks my parents how often does your kids visit India? Do they expect the answer to be “My kids visit us every year” Is this question going to impact the interview? I would like to know why do they ask about this information and whats consulate expectation?

Hi @emailchld

The consulate expectation is that you tell the truth. They have all your details because your i94 exit and entry is recorded every-time you leave and enter US.

So, no use of changing your answer. In-fact, if they say something else that what is true, the chances of visa denial are higher due to contradicting statements.

The visa officer’s expectation in B2 interview from the applicant is to prove that they will RETURN to their home country. You have to prove the ties with country.