Bank Statement with "by Salary" by all employers

I have enquired in bank, they asked my to provide the salary slip from which salary is credited.
They have given me two options:

  1. They will edit the pdf statement and write company name in front of “by Salary”.
  2. They will try to provide a letter stating that Abc company has credited this salary into this account.

Regarding point 1, amount credited is same as salary slip is showing but bo employer name. Can they add employer name by themself by editing the pdf?
Will any of the option will work?

Kindly suggest me which option is appropriate?

If the Bank provides you the official statement by editing and adding employer name, then it should work.

Okay, I have again asked bank based on your reply. They said they can give letter stating salary has been credited in to my account from Abc company and they also said that they cannot edit the statement. :frowning:
Hope letter from bank would work.

Total 4 companies from 2007-2020. I have 7 years current company salary slip, itr n statement.
But for last 3 companies…
3rd company…ITR proof, salary slip of last 5 months
2nd company…only last 3 salary slips + every year compensation letter from company if that will work.
Same is with first company…

I have discussed with bank today. They are not ready to give me any thing except statement and it does have only “by salary”.

Then, you need to use any other financial payment proof.

yes, I am trying to get some other proof.
Could you please tell me how to get employement reference letter from current employer for roles and responsibilities. They are gonna take it negatively for sure.