BE final year project report required?


I came across the following in ACS Skill Assessment guidelines pdf:

“When the qualification includes a thesis or research project, an abstract of the thesis or research project is required”

I have done my BE in EXTC from Mumbai university. One of the subjects in final year was a project. But I don’t have the black book or the abstract of the final year project. Do we need this for ACS skills assessment? I haven’t seen this as a requirement in any of the articles.

Please note that I am not applying under RPL; just the general skills assessement category.


Hi @Vinay_Menda

I don’t know what you mean by EXTC. You should write the full form.

You don’t need to submit the project report. This kind of project is done by every one.

What ACS is asking for is thesis, which people normally do in case of PHD.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Thanks for your response. EXTC refers to Electronics and Telecommunications.