Best possible option to maintain H4 legal status after 180+ days I94 expiration

Respected Anil Sir & Team,
My H1 is valid until July 2021, my dependent’s (wife + 10 year old kid) I94 got expired last year April 2020 and on Oct 15th 2020 I already applied their H4 extension with NPT. I am waiting for their H4 approval.
Due to Covid I did not let them go to India but now my dependent (wife + 10 year old kid) must have to leave USA by April 2021 to avoid 10 year ban. I am confused how should I proceed to get their visa stamped.

  1. Can I get their Visa stamped from Canada or Mexico because I heard in India slots are not available until Nov 2021. We don’t have Canada visa though.
  2. What best possible options I have to maintain their Status back to Legal?

Your valuable suggestion is highly appreciated.

The NPT H4 extension approval should bring back their legal status.

They can visit Mexico/Canada for visa stamping if the interview appointments are available. You can check the US embassy sites.

Thank you Anil Sir for reply.
One small suggestion please -
Is it possible to get new Visa stamped while your H4 NPT extension is in process in US? Wont it be any problem at POE when my dependent return to US with new H4 Visa? What if POE officer will get to know about H4 NPT (in process) along with latest H4 Visa?

They have everything in their system and know everything. You can’t hide.

Once you leave US, you will abandon the pending extension anyway.

Do not lie to CBP officer at border.

Thank you Anil Sir for your valuable suggestion.