Biometric appointment notice for H4 extension

Yes, both were expedited.

Yes Shruti …I sent the scanned copy of the notice and screen shot of the online case status update. The mistake I did was expedited my case even before they reused biometrics to my case. Then I got a response that you do not have biometrics. Once I got the online update and notice, I expedited it again with the same person. Then also, I got their standard reply. My bad luck. I am thinking of expediting with senator.

sure, try all the expediting options that are available. All the best!

Hi Shruti,
I have couple of questions for you before reaching out to senator.

  1. Did you submit biometrics reuse notice, both I 539 and I 765 receipt notices for expedition?
  2. What reason did you give for expedition? Financial loss or other reasons?
  3. Did you submit employer letter?
    Please let me know. Thanks!!

Yes I submitted all the receipts and offer letter as well as the termination letter that I received from my previous employer. I also sent an expedite notice from USCIS, it came with my previous EAD card. I gave them the reason of financial loss.

Thank you Shruti for your quick response. I appreciate it. I am going to try my luck with senator.

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Hi Shruti,
How did you contact the Senator? Could you please provide more info regarding that…


anyone got biometric appointment notice?

Hi Shruti,

You expedited processing request is represented by attorney or did you requested it. Whats supporting evidence is needed to expedite the case. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.


Did you receive notice (using previous biometrics) only for you or to your kid too (in case have you filed it)?
My Spouse (H4 extension) also received the same but for my kid i didn’t receive any letter or status change on online!

Hi Aneeha,

as far as I remember that took almost 7 months.

I don’t think an attorney will do it for you. I attached a lot of documents including a termination letter from my last employer, offer letter from new employer, expedite letter that I received from USCIS with my last EAD

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Hi Rajini,

A friend of mine knew the senator and he connected me to her.

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