Biometric Documents for H4, L2 ext - Questions & Answers

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Hello Anil @anil.am22
Please help me with the information related to L2 EAD process.
When will the biometrics be done once we submit L2 EAD application?

Thank you

Standalone L2 EAD application does not need biometric.

Hi @anil_am22,

H4 extension application was filed for Dependents on 27-May-2020.

Until we have not received any update on the application. No update on Bio metrics . Nothing.

My H-1B was upgraded to premium in Dec 2020 and it got approved But still no updates on H4 after that.

Please help and let me know what options do I have. How to get bio metrics appointment scheduled.

Call USCIS and keep asking for biometric appointment.

Lot of people are facing this issue as biometric appointment depends on local ASC center’s workload.

USCIS is taking 90+ days on average to send a letter after reopening centers in Dec.

Anil, Quick question, what is the Date of Birth Format be filled on Biometrics AIW ( Applicant’s info worksheet ), is it like (JUL 17 1986) or ( 07 17 1986) or format doesn’t matter ?

If you looked at the sample AIW sheet, you would have known the format. The sheet explicitly has MONTH, DAY, and YEAR columns.