Biometrics for my L2 while primary application L1 is pending and L1 RFE Question

Hi Anil,

My husband’s employer has filed my L2 , L2 EAD concurrently with my husband’s L1B (individual) on April 9th 2021 (L1 filed in premium processing).
Received RFE on L1 on April 16th 2021. We are Yet to receive the RFE notice.
Current L2 and EAD is expiring in August and I’m on the verge of loosing my job.

  1. Do you know if I can receive biometrics for L2, while primary application L1’s approval/RFE response is pending?

  2. Attorney mentioned that USCIS is not entertaining requests for ecopy and that physical copy can take up to 4 weeks due to pandemic. Is this true and is there any alternative as we are losing precious time?

L2 biometric appointment can be issued even when L1 is pending RFE response.

Good news is that L2 will not need biometric starting May 17.

Thanks for the update Anil, That’s a huge relief…

My husband just received his RFE notice.

Do you think it is good idea to send the RFE response after the May 17 th so that L2 and EAD could get approved along with L1?

Yes, if you can, then just try to wait and send it after May 17.

Yiu might get lucky.