Birth Certificate Affidavit from Elder Siblings or Uncle ( Father's sibling) who is 10/12 yrs older than me is OKAY?

Hello Mr Amit,

My Uncle ( my Father younger Brother) who is 12/13 years earlier than me and he is US citizen now… can give affidavit for my DOB certificate, as mine was registered in 2014. ( Delayed register)?

My Wife’s elder Bother ( sibling ) who is 10 years older than my Wife who is USA citizen now. Can he give affidavit for my wife. As her DOB certificate don’t have Place of Birth (In place of Birth its Blank) where as they mentioned present Address as District name. And registered its Late.

If they are allowed, can we notarize in USA? or only home country notarization is allowed?

Your response would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You…

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