Birth certificate affidavits - One name for different names

Hello .

My daughter is filing her Green card since they are in current priority date. While filing we found that some small variations are there in names of parents

Her Birth certificate shows

Heena ben Bhupesh kumar Mehta And her passport shows hina Bhupesh kumar mehta and while our real names are

Hina Bhupesh Mehta
Bhupesh dhirajlal Mehta

Now we are at uae and hence need to go consulate to do some affidavit mentioning that above names are same as -

Hina Bhupesh Mehta

Bhupesh Dhirajlal Mehta

Two separate affidavit will be needed ? One for me and one for wife ?

Daughters birth certificate and passport last page copy to be provided to show that these are wrong ??

Once our affidavit is done in uae we can send to her and does she also have to have some affidavit ?

Two birth affidavits for person should be enough.