Birth Certificate for Green Card

My husband is the process of filing I-485 under EB2. I will be filing as dependent spouse. I had questions regarding the birth certificate. I have a handwritten birth certificate issued from India and it has all the details. The issue is the ink used to create this is rather light and hence not as dark enough, can be read though if magnified.
Also it has my first name in full and last name(my dad’s name) is in initial. My passport has my first and last name spelled out. I want to check if any of above will be an issue for the GC process. Can I get an RFE for further information for the birth certificate. Is there anything I can do before hand to avoid the RFE. Can someone please advice in this regard.
Thank you

Yes, you can fix this. Show that letter to municipal in your city and request for the new birth certificate. New certificate will have current date and sign, along with stamp. That is fine.

In new birth certificate put name as per your passport.

Then do two affidavit for the birth certificate, your parents or relatives. Here is a format for that.
citizenpath .com/faq/sample-affidavit-birth

send copies of all these docs with I-485 filing.

I recommend fix this first and then file I-485 otherwise you will get RFE for multiple things and that may delay gc.

Thank you. I have asked for a copy of birth certificate and in the meantime have a signed affidavit from my mom.

Thank you

btw, you will need 2 affidavit.

Need 2 affidavits from 2 different family members or relatives?

yes, can be family member or relative.