Birth certificate - official DOB different than actual DOB


I am in the process of getting ready with I-485 documents. One of the documents is birth cerificate.

The problem is my original DOB is in July 85. However, my DOB on all official papers is April 85, (this is because parents adjusting it for school year to be able to admit me to school sooner since our schools start in June.)

Now, I checked and we don’t have original birth certificate available anyways. Even if I somehow get the original birth certificate from my birthplace the date is not going to match with supporting documents such as marksheets etc.

I read that am22tech has NABC service which can help with getting affidavit stating that birth certificate is not available which can be used. But when I was reading their document, even they would try to get original birth certificate first and in case thats not available, they will get NABC. Has anybody used this service or been in same boat and advise what’s the best way to tackle this? Really appreciate all inputs.

Was the birth ever registered after birth?
Did birth happened at home or hospital?
Do you have any address proof (old/expired) for place of birth?

The NABC can be procured but then it will depend on the answers to above questions.

My parents did not explicitly apply/ask for birth certificate. Now the question is if hospital where I was born, did they register my birth. Probably yes because I think there is a law that requires hospitals to do so, but I don’t personally know that for sure that they did.



If birth happened in the hospital, then most probably you will have birth record unless they skipped it.

You will need an address proof of that city/location to run a search on your record. If not found, then an NABC can be made.

Hi Anil, thanks for your response…

Just trying to understand what kind of address proof of birth city/location are you talking about? We moved from the birthplace like 15 years ago almost, so just need to know what kind of documents to check.