Booking visitor visa Apr 2022 when passport expiring in June 2023

My mom’s passport is expiring in June 2023. I am trying to get an appointment fixed at least by this year for US b2 visa. She never had visa before.

I am not sure when I will get the appointment but have given an intended date of travel as Aug 2022 . If I could only get an appt in Dec 2022. Would going for interview with passport expiry as June 2023 be okay? Would it cause any issue with visa issuance?

Thank you!

The passport will need to be valid for at least 6 months at the time of stamping. I suggest renewing passport before going for stamping.

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Thanks for your time in responding to all. I have a question here - I have filled/submitted DS160 for my parents and brother in Nov 2022. I even booked the Visa interview at Mumbai on Jan 18, 2023. My brother passport is expiring in first week of April 2023 - He just. have 2 months of validity. Can we renew his passport now and get the new one? If so - how to make changes to already submitted DS160 and visa slot, what are the supporting documents we should arrange it for our brother? can you please advise.

Yes provided he get his new passport before the interview.

Just submit a new DS-160 with updated passport information and carry copy of both old and new DS-160 to your interview.

Most of below holds true for your siblings. If you are sponsoring his visit, fillout I-134 and provide the same with supporting documents to carry at interview. If self sponsoring have him submit all his financial assets and bank statements showing enough money to self sponsor his visit along with airfare, lodging and boarding, medical insurance etc.