C1d visa was denied due to Iran sailing experience - now in admin processing

Hii my us c1d visa was denied for the 2 time. First time it was going good as soon I mentioned iran sailing he denied the visa after few question.

2 attempt 2 simple question and then was asked about the Iran Sailing. I told her the details and she said I have to deny your visa and gave blue slip and asked to send my Iran sailing experience details.

I have send all that. My company was a Indian company which I was employed with. Its almost 3weeks now still in A.

Hi @Gordon_Feranandes

I suggest to be prepared for a long wait.

The legal option available to you is to file ‘writ of Mandamus’ application but it would cost good amount of money.

Hi Anil,

They had asked to submit all my employments in Iran. I had done that. I only had one sailing in Iran waters in end 2016 to April 2017. Can it take more than 6 months to get the result. I was employed by an Indian company which I had done 3 contracts. The last one of was of Iran.

Thanks & Regards,

Gordon Fernandes

I cannot really say how much time it can take. The usual time in these kind of case is 4 weeks to 1+ year.


Just got an email from consulate to provide all my ship experience past and future. To the drop box.

Thanks & Regards,

Gordon Fernandes