Calculate my Work experience and deduction in ACS approximately

Hi Anil,

Could you please help me to calculate my Work experience and deduction in ACS approximately.

My ANZSCO job :261313 Software Engineer.

Job 1 10-May-10 to 13-Dec-13 [Been in onsite UK from 7th July 2012 to 16th June 2013]
Job 2 16-Dec-13 to 12-Jun-15 [worked as a full time contract employee]
Job 3 15-Jun-15 to till date [converted to Full time Employee on the same company : Job 2]

Thanks in Advance.

Add up all months excluding the gap periods.
The, deduct 2 years from total and you should be able to reach the work experience years that ACS will calculate.

Thanks Anil for the quick reply…

You mean i need to consider only the whole full months on these years.??

Count the full weeks you have worked. ACS goes by the working weeks where you have completed full 40 hours working.

Any gaps of work are simply not counted.

My total number of years worked for 3 IT companies is 14 years and 3 months as a software engineer and almost no gap in between companies ( max gap is 2 weeks) . I am a graduate on non-ICT major which is Electronics Engineering. Does this mean that I will get a maximum deduction of 4 years? Thanks!

Hi @egodalle

You will most probably get a deduction of 4 years. I have covered the exampled and other details of ACS assessment deduction here.

Hi Anil,

I have just completed 3 years of experience in my organisation and after ACS deduction it will be only 1 year.So will I get 5 points for it or not.

Also in my passport the name is Mohammed(as initials are not allowed) while Mohd in all other documents will that cause me an issue?

Hi @Mohd_Suleman_Dadamiy

Please read the linked article above for understanding how many years will ACS deduct.

Hi guys I’m from India and willing to apply for Skilled Independent Visa to Australia. I need an advice on how many years will ACS deduct in experience.
Age - 30yrs
Education - Bachelor of Science 3years degree.
Language - Have PTE score of 89.
Experience - Working as Java Developer from May 2009 to till date.
I’m willing to drop for ACS this coming week any suggestions.

Hi @Aditya_adamala

Please read this:

I am new here and just about to start the PR process for Aus. I would appreciate if you guys help me to understand where do I stand as per the ACS assessment.
Post 10th (high school), I have a 3 years regular Diploma (Electronics & Communication Engineering) and a 4-year regular B.Tech Degree (Lateral Entry) (Electronics & Communication Engineering).
After I joined below 4 organizations (from Aug 2010 -to- Present), and I know that the last 3 organization’s roles would come under ANZSCO (UNIT GROUP 2631 COMPUTER NETWORK PROFESSIONALS) but I am not sure in which ANZSCO code should I represent my 1st organization’s roles. I am mentioning the roles below which I got from my 1st company on the letterhead. So now I have below 5 questions:

  1. Under which ANZSCO code should I represent the below-mentioned roles and responsibilities (1st organization).
  2. How many years of experience will be considered by ACS as per my education and total experience?
  3. How many points can I avail in the 189 and 190 visa categories?
  4. Would I get any benefit for 3years diploma (ECE). ?
  5. would relevant technical certifications help? like CCNA , CCSA

1st Organization tenure:
From Aug 2010 to June 2013 as Engineer - 1st Level Assurance [Off- Roll{(3rd Party payroll) (Aug’ 2010 to Nov’ 2011)} & On- Roll (Nov’ 2011 to Jun’ 2013)].

Role and Responsibilities:
• Prepare and analyze reports for the different customer (Airtel Africa, Idea, Aircel).
• Research, analyze, evaluate and monitor network infrastructure to ensure networks are configured to operate at optimal performance.
• Calculate and analyze various network KPI’s.
• Statistical Performance Management of Radio & core Network using Business Objects 5.1.
• Prepare and analyze MAPA Report with ENIQ tool.
• Work on tools Ericsson Resolution, trouble ticket and change request.
• Automation of performance reports by developing macros.
• Responsible for Overall signed KPIs of the area classes (Urban, Suburban & Rural).
• Responsible for delivery of different BO reports.
• Responsible for the automation of reports and reducing manual efforts.


Hi @kammy29

Nobody can help you with choosing the right job code. You have to do it yourself.

For points deduction, read how ACS calcuates your years.

Thanks Anil. I applied for the ACS Assessment on 22 Nov. But regarding my experience, I have attached only reference letters from my employers. I didn’t attach the pay slips or ITR. Do you think it can create any problem? or shall I send the pay slips to ACS now?

2 form of financial documents like Payslips and bank statements are mandatory now for ACS assessment.

Please send it as early as possible to avoid denial.

okay. Also, regarding all other personal, educational and employment document, I have got them B/W xerox and then got notarized and then scanned and uploaded as a PDF. Do you think it can create problem as they are not colored copy?
What should I do now? What is the way to send the correct docs now?

You can upload new documents if ACS system is allowing you to do it. I recommend color copies as per the new ACS process.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide all the documentation that they want to be considered in the application at the time of submission. Once your application has been submitted and is in process, additional documentation cannot be included.